Projects: Municipal / Libraries / Correctional

Central Plant Generators, City of Virginia Beach, VA
New Slover Memorial Library, City of Norfolk, VA
New Emergency Operations Center (E911) and Regional Emergency Communications Center (RECC) for Public Safety, Dare County / Tyrrell County, NC
New Municipal Administration Office Building for Parks & Recreation Services (LEED Silver), City of Virginia Beach, VA
New Courts Facility, City of Portsmouth, VA
Third Patrol Police Precinct, City of Norfolk, VA
Kings Fork Public Safety Center, City of Suffolk, VA
Annual Contract, City of Virginia Beach, VA
Term Contract, Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Corrections, Statewide
City Hall Renovation, Virginia Beach, VA
Judicial Center, Security System Upgrade, Virginia Beach, VA
Circuit Courts and City Hall Renovations, Norfolk, VA
Public Safety Building Renovation, Chesapeake, VA
Operations Center Renovations, Virginia Beach, VA
  • PACE Collaborative, P.C.   
  • 1277 Perimeter Parkway
  • Virginia Beach, VA       
  • 7814 Carousel Lane, Suite 200
  • Richmond, VA