Projects:  Studies and Assessments

Basewide Utilities Master Plan, Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia
VAMC Research Facilities Assessment, Eastern Region, United States
Physical Needs Assessment / Strategic Capital Planning Study, Norfolk Redevelopment & Housing Authority Properties, Norfolk, Virginia
Norfolk Parking Garages Condition Assessment, Norfolk, Virginia
USACE Waterfield Building Technical Assessment / Condition Study, Fort Norfolk, Virginia
Vehicle Maintenance Instrument Building ECIP Exterior Lighting System Study, Fort Lee, Virginia
Welcome Center Building Technical Assessment and Building Evaluation, Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia
U.S. Coast Guard Base Electrical Distribution Inspection and Short Circuit and Coordination Study, Elizabeth City, North Carolina
Chesapeake Regional Medical Center Essential Electrical System Study, Chesapeake, Virginia
Goochland County Facility Space Study, Goochland, Virginia
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  • 1277 Perimeter Parkway
  • Virginia Beach, VA       
  • 7814 Carousel Lane, Suite 200
  • Richmond, VA