Boardwalk Lighting Replacement
City of Virginia Beach, VA

PACE Electrical Engineers completed the feasibility study and the follow up engineering design for the replacement of the post top pedestrian lighting fixtures on the Boardwalk in the resort area of the City of Virginia Beach. The previous fixtures and poles were upwards of 20 years old and were high pressure sodium, producing a yellow light indicative of outdoor lighting in the 80’s.

Upwards of 400 new fiberglass poles and LED lighting fixtures were installed increasing the lighting by 42 percent while decreasing the power consumption by 62 percent.

The new lighting system consists of state of the art LED luminaries producing white light at approximately half of the energy consumption of the previous installation. The lamp life of the new LEDs is substantially longer than the previous system resulting in a much lower maintenance cost to the City. The fixtures are supported by new fiberglass poles. Fiberglass is the preferred material of choice to withstand the corrosive salt air environment at the beach. The LED lighting system produces a crisp white light on the boardwalk and reinforces the sustainable approach to lighting embraced by the City.