New Central State Hospital
Petersburg, VA

PACE is proud to be completing the electrical and plumbing designs for the new 471,000 SF Central State Hospital behavioral health center. The new facility will provide a total of 252 in-patient beds, including 111 maximum security and 141 civil beds. The project includes patient treatment/program areas and administrative and support services space. The design includes infrastructure to support a future 48-bed addition.

The electrical design includes generator back power, via life safety and critical branches, to enable the facility to continue to operate for up to 96 hours. Lighting within the building shall be via a state-of-the-art lighting system with energy efficient LED lighting. Electrical devices accessible to patients are abuse resistant and follow Behavioral Health guidelines and best practices.

The plumbing design utilizes a centralized hot water distribution system to serve the back of house and administration areas, including kitchen and laundry equipment. The patient care areas are served by individual water heating systems equipped with features for additional monitoring and control specifically to combat Legionella. Plumbing fixtures within patient care areas shall be anti-ligature type and abuse resistant in accordance with Behavioral Health guidelines and best practices.