CHKD Health Center and Urgent Care
Virginia Beach, VA

The CHKD Health Center located on Virginia Beach Blvd and just down the street from Virginia Beach Town Center houses the first children specific urgent care and the latest physical therapy in Virginia Beach. The facility is 28,000 square feet and includes a two story physical therapy gym and indoor lap pool. The site was originally built 30 years ago as a fitness and health gym and was gutted back to bare structure to be rebuilt as a Health Center for CHKD Norfolk. The first floor includes Lab, Urgent Care, Physical Therapy, Indoor pool, and X-ray, while the second floor includes Speech, Modality, Quiet Room, and Therapy Recovery.

The project added two elevators to the building that were not originally there. A dedicated notarium unit was provided in lieu of the original heating and ventilation of the old health gym. A complete new HVAC system was provided and updated to reduce energy consumption. A Building Automation System was added to help control the HVAC, lighting, and building operation. Along with a complete new electrical system, a generator was added to provide support of the urgent care services that CHKD now provides at this location. The building also expands out the front and provides a signature wave type canopy that can be seen at most of the CHKD outpatient service facilities. The use of sports themed bollards around the front entrance provides a more inviting appearance for the children.

The building’s electrical system is a 1000 amp service with a 70 KW generator at 480V, 3 phase service. The building also incorporated a complete LED lighting package to reduce energy consumption and provide better and more adequate lighting for patient care. The building’s mechanical system is 60+ tons of HVAC utilizing gas for reheat and domestic water heating. The natatorium unit is a 12 ton HVAC system that utilizes hot gas reheat and natural gas heat to serve the space. The Nat unit also includes multiple functions to control humidity in the space as to not impact the rest of the building’s conditions.