Diagnostic Tools & Capabilities

PACE invests heavily in diagnostic tools and equipment to provide unique and unparalleled capabilities to our clients.  With master electricians, HVAC controls experts, former TAB contractors, and commissioning agents on staff, we have in-house capabilities to aid in diagnosing existing and potential issues, as well as performing numerous type of studies.

PACE currently owns the following survey and testing equipment:

  • Dranetz Power Platform 4300 Power Quality Meter
  • Dranetz Power Guide 4400 PQ Meter
  • Amprobe DM-II Plus Data Logger
  • (2) Fluke 1735 Power Logger Meters
  • Fluke 333 Hand Held Multi-meter
  • Flir I60 Infrared Camera
  • Flir E8 Infrared Camera
  • 12 Cal and 40 Cal Arc Flash Suits
  • Amprobe 300 TIC Pro AC Voltage Detector
  • Greenlee Power Finder 2007 Circuit Tracer
  • Light Level Meters
  • Delmhorst DD2100 moisture Meter
  • TES 1537 Sound Level Meter
  • Meggar DET20C Ground Rod Resistance Tester
  • Contect Bore Scope
  • Extect Model 382152 Earth Ground Resistance Meter
  • Radiodetector PXL2BD1 Utility Detector
  • DJI Phantom 4 / GL 300E UAV (Drone) with integral camera
  • Shortridge Airdata Micromanometer ADM-860C
  • Shortridge Air Flowhood
  • Alnor Flowhood
  • Environmental Data Loggers
  • Fuji Ultrasonic Flow meter
  • TSI Indoor Air Quality Meter
  • Alnor HM650 DP Water Meter
  • Olympus 45MG Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
  • Pollard Water Hydrant Flow Test Kit
  • Alnor Differential Pressure Gauge

Some types of studies, services, and analysis that we offer are

  • Power Quality Analysis and Studies
  • Short-circuit, Coordination, and Arc Flash Studies
  • Load Analysis
  • Condition Assessments (including difficult to access locations with a UAV)
  • Pre-TAB Services
  • Underground Utility Locating
  • Existing Lighting Level Studies
  • Radio Frequency Signal Strength Studies
  • Fire Alarm System Sound Level Analysis
  • Fire Hydrant Flow Tests
  • Hydraulic Analysis of Fire Suppression Systems
  • Special Inspections for Smoke Control Systems (Atrium and Stairwell Pressurization)
  • Thermal Imaging Scans