Installation Planning Support U.S. Marine Corps Iwakuni, Japan

PACE Collaborative provided engineering services for the development of an overall utility assessment plan that was being developed for the entire base. This assessment plan included present baseline infrastructure and forecasting for short, long, and capacity plans. The assessments that PACE undertook and provided to the overall area development plan were for the basewide communication network (data, telephone, cable television) and the steam system.

The work consisted of an initial cursory review of available data, existing facility usage, etc. This data collection consisted of a site visit to the base in Japan to interview the key stakeholders, view existing as-built maps and utility data, and walk-throughs of existing facilities. Once that was complete, we performed a full assessment of the utilities’ current condition based on compliance with regulatory requirements and meeting the base’s needs. PACE then synthesized the short and long-term plans for growth at the base and made recommendations on utility capacities to meet these future demands.