Langley Air Force Base Cyber Operations Facility
Langley, VA

PACE Collaborative provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services for a new operations facility supporting the Air Force‚Äôs 185th Cyberspace Operations Squadron.  The 10,400 SF facility houses administrative offices, as well as a secure operations center used for training and testing.  The facility was designed to meet the stringent energy and water use reduction standards for a High Performance and Sustainable Building (HPSB) as outlined in UFC 1-200-02 High Performance and Sustainable Buildings.

The mechanical system is comprised of a series of horizontal ducted water source heat pump units to heat and cool most of the facility (except for the server room and IT spaces) through their DX coils.  Condenser water heat will be rejected to a low profile, forced draft closed-circuit cooling tower located in the mechanical yard.  Condenser water is distributed through the building utilizing variable speed pumping system.  Ventilation air is pre-conditioned by a water-cooled variable airflow dedicated outside air unit (DOAS) located in the mechanical room.  Outside air is ducted directly to the return side of each WSHP.  A single duct VAV (no heating coil) was provided for each zone to permit resetting of outside air during low occupancy periods and demand-controlled ventilation.

The site electrical distribution system consisted of connection to an existing 22kV switch and extension through underground ductbank, a new distribution switch, and a stepdown transformer to supply electrical power to the facility.  Area site lighting and power for a package sewer lift station comprised the low voltage site component.

Building distribution consisted of a 480/277 volt system for mechanical loads and lighting, and a 208/120 volt system for convenience outlet and workstation power.  Building lighting was provided by energy efficient LED fixtures with controls for energy saving as well as maximum user comfort on the operations floor.