Liebherr Mining & Construction
Newport News, Virginia

Headquarters Tour

The project consisted of the ground up development of the site adjacent to the existing Liebherr (LME) facility in Newport News, VA.  The new development is to support a separate Liebherr business unit (LUS), and consisted of a 59,000 square foot Administration Building,  75,000 square foot Warehouse, and 80,000 square foot Workshop Facility.

The Administration Building houses a data center that includes two 200kVA parallel redundant UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems. The Workshop Building houses a bridge crane, 12 jib cranes, and two pits to support maintenance operations on the heavy equipment produced by Liebherr.  All buildings and the site are illuminated with 100% LED lighting.  A wireless control system was specified for the site lighting.  Telecommunications infrastructure was designed to interconnect the three main buildings on the site, as well as to the rear entry guardhouse and the adjacent LME administration building.  A 600kW diesel engine driven generator set provides back-up power for portions of the three main buildings, including the data center.

The Administration Building is conditioned with two 30,000 cfm variable air volume custom rooftop air handlers that operate in parallel for partial redundancy. The data center within the Administration Building employs in-row cooling with an enclosure to optimize efficiency. Both the Warehouse and Workshop facility utilize radiant heat to effectively deploy the heat at the occupant level. The Warehouse and Workshop facility also house office spaces that are conditioned with packaged and split system heat pumps. Also included for the design of the Workshop facility is a compressed air system, vehicle tailpipe exhaust removal system, and the MEP related aspects for 60 foot long recessed service pits for servicing the heavy equipment vehicles.