Eddie Abrams, LEED AP, Vice President (Retired)



  • Retired Principal - December 2020
  • Vice President
  • Eddie is one of the founding partners of PACE Collaborative.
  • He has worked in the consulting Engineering field for over 38 years.
  • He has completed over 32 projects in Europe and over 20 projects in the Caribbean/ Central America region. Eddie has worked on projects with locations scattered all up and down the east coast and as far west as the Mississippi River.
  • He is fluent in the Government Unified Facilities Criteria, Dr. Checks Review system, UFGS Specifications, International Building Codes, and NFPA. This experience affords him the unique ability to travel to project sites, conduct thorough investigation and ensure that our designs meet local, national and foreign building requirements.
  • Primary Responsibility Manager of Electrical Department
  • Affiliations: Member International Code Council Member NFPA
  • Primary Market Sectors:
    • Federal Government, Department of Defense
    • Design Build for Commercial Clients, State, local and Federal Governments
    • Education, K-12 , as well as College/University level
    • Renovation projects from small to large scale
    • Industrial
    • Historic Preservation
    • Religious Based projects
    • Hospitality
  • Specific Areas of Expertise:
    • Efficient Lighting Design
    • Power Design
    • Site Electrical systems; lighting
    • Site Electrical Distribution- 4.16KV to 34.5KV
    • Exterior Telecommunication distribution
    • Interior Telecommunications Design
    • Emergency Power
    • Medical Electrical systems for clinics and Hospitals
    • Power Quality Analysis