Projects: Municipal / Libraries / Correctional

  • Central Plant Generators, City of Virginia Beach, VA
  • Water Tank Aircraft Warning Light Drone Surveys, Virginia Beach, VA
  • New Slover Memorial Library, City of Norfolk, VA
  • New Emergency Operations Center (E911) and Regional Emergency Communications Center (RECC) for Public Safety, Dare
    County / Tyrrell County, NC
  • New Municipal Administration Office Building for Parks & Recreation Services (LEED Silver), City of Virginia Beach, VA
  • New Courts Facility, City of Portsmouth, VA
  • Third Patrol Police Precinct, City of Norfolk, VA
  • Kings Fork Public Safety Center, City of Suffolk, VA
  • Annual Contract, City of Virginia Beach, VA
  • Term Contract, Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Corrections, Statewide
  • City Hall Renovation, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Judicial Center, Security System Upgrade, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Circuit Courts and City Hall Renovations, Norfolk, VA
  • Public Safety Building Renovation, Chesapeake, VA
  • Operations Center Renovations, Virginia Beach, VA