Street Lighting Review
City of Virginia Beach, VA

It may be hard to believe that a local municipality spends over $5 million each and every year on street lighting. This represents a huge part of that city’s budget and it may be a good indicator of national trends. Is it any wonder that solid state LED lighting is gaining momentum in the street lighting arena? Read more about it here.

PACE recently completed an extensive evaluation of City owned LED street lighting as an alternative to utility owned and operated street lighting systems.

Three areas of development have accelerated the use of LEDs in this area:

1. The efficacy of LEDs has drastically improved and continues to improve with passing time. Simply put, we now achieve more lumens per watt.

2. The price of LED lighting fixtures has decreased of late, allowing them to compete more favorably with conventional lighting systems.

3. The introduction of competitive bidding for the installation and maintenance of systems through annual service contracts has resulted in attractive cost alternatives to current arrangements with utility companies.

PACE is currently designing LED street lighting systems as well as LED pedestrian lighting systems throughout the region.