Urology of Virginia
Virginia Beach, VA

Urology of Virginia expanded into a new 3-story 44,000 sq. ft. medical office building, co-located with their existing building in Virginia Beach. The project includes, an Imaging Suite on the first floor, an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) on the third floor with support services on the first floor, and a Cancer Unit on the third floor. To accommodate the new building, the natural gas and electrical services to the existing building had to be relocated.

The building is served by a 1600-amp, 480/277-volt, 3-phase, 4-wire electrical service via a 1600-amp rated switchboard. The second floor ASC essential electrical system is provided with back-up power via a 600kW Diesel generator. The generator also provides egress lighting throughout the building, as well as miscellaneous loads on the first and third floors. The lighting for the building is provided by a combination of LED and fluorescent lighting.

The second floor ASC is supported by a medical gas system, which includes medical air, instrument air, medical vacuum, nitrous, and carbon dioxide. The plumbing system consists of low flow fixtures throughout the building, individual water heaters serving each floor, and a treated water system serving the SPD area of the ASC.

The mechanical system consist of three separate Packaged Variable Air Volume Rooftop Unit with gas heat and direct expansion cooling coil each serving the first and third floors and a Split System Variable Air Volume Rooftop Unit with gas heat, direct expansion cooling coil, pre-filter (MERV 8), and final filter (MERV 13) serving the second floor. The first and third floors utilize Series Fan Powered Variable Volume Terminal Units with electric reheat at the zone level. The second floor utilizes shut-off type Variable Volume Terminal Units with electric reheat at the zone level. The second floor ASC has one Operating Room and three Procedure Rooms utilizing a pressure monitoring system and an integrated ceiling with laminar flow diffusers. The Nominal Cooling Capacity for the building is 150-cooling tons.