Wilson Hall Renovations – James Madison University
Harrisonburg, Virginia

PACE Collaborative provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services for the renovation of Wilson Hall and James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  As the central, iconic building of the Quad, Wilson Hall is a recognizable landmark and has been the center of campus life for nearly a century. The 55,480 sf structure will serve as home to the Department of History, housing faculty, administrative offices, student study space, and teaching space. The facility also houses a 1,275-seat auditorium.  The renovation includes full replacement of building systems, life safety provisions, improved accessibility and functionality while retaining the building’s historic character.

The facility is conditioned via a series of indoor and outdoor variable-air-volume (VAV) air handling units that serve distributed series fan powered and shut-off type terminal units with hydronic reheat coils.  Chilled water is generated on site via two 150-ton water-cooled chillers. Campus steam is utilized to generate heating hot water to satisfy the facility’s heating requirements.

The electrical system was designed with energy efficient LED light fixtures and a state-of-the-art wireless lighting control system, which includes the use of occupancy sensor to turn off general-use light fixtures, in an effort to reduce energy use when the building is unoccupied. The aging power distribution system was replaced with new equipment and feeders to provide adequate capacity and breaker space to support the renovation.