Projects: Studies and Assessments

  • Basewide Utilities Master Plan, Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia
  • VAMC Research Facilities Assessment, Eastern Region, United States
  • Physical Needs Assessment / Strategic Capital Planning Study, Norfolk Redevelopment & Housing Authority Properties, Norfolk, Virginia
  • Norfolk Parking Garages Condition Assessment,
    Norfolk, Virginia
  • USACE Waterfield Building Technical Assessment /
    Condition Study, Fort Norfolk, Virginia
  • Vehicle Maintenance Instrument Building ECIP
    Exterior Lighting System Study, Fort Lee, Virginia
  • Welcome Center Building Technical Assessment and
    Building Evaluation, Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia
  • U.S. Coast Guard Base Electrical Distribution
    Inspection and Short Circuit and Coordination Study, Elizabeth City, North Carolina
  • Chesapeake Regional Medical Center Essential Electrical System Study, Chesapeake, Virginia
  • Goochland County Facility Space Study, Goochland,