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Virtual Construction Services

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services

PACE offers a full range of virtual design and construction services spanning from the use of BIM during design all the way through construction. Our entire design team is trained on the latest BIM software. We have a dedicated staff of construction technicians for virtual construction coordination modeling and management. We work closely with architects, other engineering firms, general contractors, subcontractors and owners to ensure their desired outcome.

PACE can support all of your BIM project needs…

Virtual Engineering and Design Build

  • Establish BIM Execution Plan
  • Coordinated Engineered MEP Plans Based on Architect’s and Owner’s Expectations
  • Model Coordinated RFI Responses
  • Design Coordination Reviews
    •  3D Clash Detection Using Naviswork Manage
    • Sleeve Layout
    • Tenant Services During Base Building Construction

Virtual Construction Management

  • Create BIM Execution Plan
  • Create Modeling Standards and Schedules
  • Federated Model Creation and Management
  • 3D Clash Detection Using Naviswork Manage
  • Conduct Weekly Online Meetings to Assist in Coordination
  • Oversight on Modeling Teams
  • Produce Meeting Notes with Action Items

Virtual Construction Coordination

  • Generation of Major RFI Concerns Prior to Construction
  • Produce 2D Coordination Drawings
    • Underground and Sleeves
    • Overhead and Hangers
    • 3D Isometric Views
    • Material List Based on Model Elements
  • Coordinate with Existing Condition Using Point Clouds
  • Coordinate with Subcontractors Outside of Weekly Meetings
  • As-Builts Modeling of Field Directed Changes

Virtual Content Creation

  • Manufacturer Specific 3D Revit Content
  • 3D PDF File
  • Rendering of Content

Commissioning Services

Commissioning (Cx) is the process of ensuring components of a building are operating in the most efficient manner without compromising the health and well-being of the occupants. The basic formula for successful commissioning involves a team that is synergistic. We believe the key to that success is constant and clear communication.

PACE Cx team members have experience as both contractors and designers. This broadened perspective allows us to help build communication bridges between the owner, the design team, and the construction team.

At PACE, we incorporate technological advances into the information processes to integrate planning, control, and execution of our projects with both management and engineering solutions. By successfully doing so, PACE is leading the way in commissioning management, making projects more transparent and easier to manage, and significantly decreasing costs while increasing quality assurance and the operational capabilities of the delivered product.

With the use of a web based Cx software platform, PACE has been able to streamline the information process. All users assigned to projects have accessibility to the PACE developed forms and dashboard through any device, including smartphones, tablets, and computers whether the user is online or offline.

We believe that one of our key strengths is our team of experienced, educated, and field-hardened individuals. Our collective experiences often provide us with the ability to foresee problems during the design, procurement, and early construction project phases where potential problems can be corrected with minimal impact to both cost and schedule.

During construction, we help ensure a quality project by conducting focused site visits to observe the construction and the installation of systems to be commissioned. We are proactive in offering possible solutions to issues that arise during the Cx process and our commissioning agents strive to expedite the issue resolution process. As projects approach completion, we strive to foster the owners’ understanding of the nuances of their systems to help ensure that the systems remain reliable and efficient.

PACE Collaborative provides full-service commissioning from new construction to existing buildings including basic HVAC systems to Total Building Commissioning. We have extensive experience in commissioning Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, Building Automation Systems (BAS), lighting controls, smoke control and stairwell pressurization systems, life safety systems, and building envelopes.

Please reach out to Chuck Molyneaux or Drew Winslow for more information on providing commissioning services and get your building systems back on track to start realizing energy savings and occupant comfort.

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