The project consists of a new three-story, new construction, 45,607 SF medical office building. The 1st floor is a core and shell construction with anticipated future tenants to be retail. The 2nd floor is primarily medical office space. The 3rd floor is occupied by Physician Partners of Orthopaedics & Spine Center with an ambulatory surgery center.

Major systems that were included in the commissioning process include the facility’s Variable Air Volume rooftop air handling units and their associated VAV terminals; as well as the various exhaust fans, ductless split-system air conditioners, unit heaters, automatic lighting controls, and domestic water heaters and associated recirculation loop systems and the domestic water pressure booster pump system. The Cx of the HVAC systems also included TAB coordination and verification.

The commissioning timeline for the project was extended both for technical challenges as well as the massive challenge presented by the sudden outbreak of the novel corona virus 2019 (COVID-19) that happened while the Cx process was in its Functional Testing phase. Most significant for the Cx timeline was that the original supply fan provided with one of the RTUs was proven to have insufficient capacity to provide the desired air volumes when operating with the installed duct systems. Making this determination and providing the data needed to find a viable and cost-effective solution took time and effort for the entire Cx team, but eventually the systems were commissioned successfully.