Since the very first fire alarm systems made use of the telegraph infrastructure in the late 1800’s, fire alarm systems have been a vital part of building construction to alert people to the need to evacuate the building (life safety) and to summon the fire department to assist in controlling the fire, saving lives and property (property protection). Since those early days, the fire alarm system has progressed from a basic pull lever to set off bells to fully addressable and programmable technology that can sense fires in their earliest states. These systems are mandated by codes and insurance companies in many different building occupancy types and populations.

PACE possesses unique understanding of the design and installation of these systems. We employ former low voltage system technicians, engineers, and electricians with both in-office design experience and real world system installation knowledge.

Let us assist you on your next project. Please contact Marty Ford, PE, RCDD or Charlie Weise, OSP, RCDD in our low voltage systems division for more information.