Pre-Construction or Pre-Design TAB Services

PACE Collaborative provides pre-construction or pre-design analytical testing of existing HVAC systems widely known in the construction industry as pre-TAB (preliminary Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing). Although pre-TAB is the incorrect terminology to use, it is easier to articulate.  Testing, Adjusting and Balancing is a service provided by certified companies to ensure an HVAC system is operating within the design intent after the system has been installed, or post-construction.

The ideal time for analytical services to take place is when a renovation of a facility is in its design and planning stages.  It is advantageous for an owner or stakeholder to obtain these services because it determines the actual operating parameters of the existing HVAC equipment servicing the building, and not relying upon assumptions.  Typically, stakeholders do not take advantage of this service due to the initial costs.  They rely on the the original construction documents and existing equipment nameplate data to design an HVAC system that is intended to be functioning and comfortable for the occupants.

Essentially, performing a pre-design HVAC analysis provides insight on existing equipment deficiencies that would be required to be repaired before the construction begins.  Deficiencies such as closed smoke dampers, broken damper linkages, airflow measuring stations out of calibration, pumps not providing proper flow, etc. would be uncovered.  Equipment deficiencies discovered during the analysis would therefore be documented and either corrected by the operating and maintenance staff before construction or incorporated into the construction documents.  There may also be an opportunity for rendering an initial cost savings to the owner when a large piece of equipment is found to be operating properly and reusable, but the building automation system was never properly commissioned.

Performing this analysis ensures that the design of the HVAC systems renovation project would alleviate the guesswork and headaches encountered during acceptance and occupancy of the building.  It also aids in mitigating surprises and delays at or near the end of construction.

Please reach out to Chuck Molyneaux or Drew Winslow for more information on PACE’s Pre-Construction or Pre-Design TAB Services.

Recent Pre-TAB Projects


“At Elrod Commons, PACE provided similar pre-construction services as well as construction-phase commissioning of the HVAC systems. ASHRAE Guideline 36 – High Performance Sequences of Operation, was used as a basis for control sequences, and I was pleased at the PACE team’s familiarity with the guideline and its implications on the commissioning process. PACE uses Blue-Rithm software to streamline the commissioning process for the whole project team, and provide the owner with a clear view of the project status.”
Brendan Perry Engineer/Director of MEP Services – Washington & Lee University