Retired Principal – April 2018

John is the original founder of PACE Collaborative. He has a degree in Architectural Engineering from Penn State University and became a licensed electrical engineer in the early eighties. He was licensed in 18 states. His technical expertise is in the design of power and lighting systems. He has designed systems throughout the United States and overseas locations including Spain, Italy, Germany, Bahrain, Iceland, The Azores, and Cuba.

John’s wife, Sally, (affectionately known as Mrs. D) directed the firm’s accounting and bookkeeping group.

As the firm grew, John became devoted to team building and to the training of young engineers. He pressed the application of Judea-Christian principles in the business, as well as the development of ‘soft-skills’ for each of the firm members, always believing that the success of a business entity is much improved by the attitudes and personal ‘human’ touches of each of the firm members. He was also attracted to the visual aspect of engineering and knew that good-looking drawings, neat and clear, would be as well liked by clients as the systems that they represented.

He ultimately stepped down as President and served as Executive Vice-President, … joking that he was now the “VP in charge of cheerleading and encouragement.” John retired in April of 2018.